• Jean-Pierre Dujardin
  • Contributors are listed within the document.

  • This is an ALPHA version; please test it; the output is too wordy and with many unnecessary partial tables.

Features of “ASI” (“Asymmetry of Shape and sIze”)

  • The signed differences in SIZE are reported, and their MEAN tested against ZERO, as expected in case of perfect size symmetry
  • A rough histogram of these signed differences is produced (see an embedded button of the internal report) to visually detect possible non normal distribution (as in case of antisymmetry)
  • The main output tables are the first and the last ones, i.e. the output of the size two-way ANOVA (first table) and the output of the shape Procrustes ANOVA (first table)


  • You have the choice of entering one or twofiles…
    • Two files: if you just want a size analysis, you can enter separately the files of centroid sizes (“…_CS.txt”) corresponding to the first and second measurements
    • One file: if you want both size AND shape analyses, use as entry the “…_PW_CS.txt” file as produced by MOG (also by COV, see its menu ‘one single matrix’), i.e. a file containing centroid size in the first column, shape variables (partial warps) in the following ones, with a free comment in the first row.
  • The order of individuals, sides and measurements is illustrated at the opening of the ASI module; please respect this order otherwise results cannot be trusted at all.

An example of ASI use PDF

  • “Wing morphology and fluctuating asymmetry depend on the host plant in cactophilic Drosophila, by I. M. SOTO, V. P. CARREIRA, E. M. SOTO & E. HASSON. In J. EVOL. BIOL. 21 (2008) 598-609


  • CLIC package



  • To Dra. Silvia Catalá (CRILAR, Anillaco, Argentina)