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XYOM is an online application of the main necessities in modern morphometrics, including online digitization.


CLIC is the client-side ancestor of XYOM

The first characters to be affected by microevolutionary changes are continuous characters (Falconer). Morphometrics measures them and represents a low-cost tool adapted to the study of phenotypic evolution. In medically important insects, this study may have importance at an epidemiological level. I present here a few tools (CLIC package, CLIC bank and Cyberatlas) dedicated to students, to scientists and to health services, helping at species identification and population characterization. The C L I C package (for “Collection of Landmarks for Identification and Characterization”) is a small package gathering common tools to help you start modern morphometrics analyses withouth too many headaches. It now also helps you to use the R software to some extent. The CLIC bank gathers reference images of arthropods parts (wings, heads, thorax) from published works. The Cyberatlas (CAT, CAP) are currently focused on Triatominae (CAT), the vectors of Chagas disease in Latin America, and Phlebotominae (CAP), the vectors of leishmaniases.

Event to come (2018): “August 2018: Training course on morphometrics at the Department of Medical Entomology, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand”.