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The CLIC initiative


The CLIC initiative is a web space containing reference images to classify organisms. CLIC tries to exploit the morphometric tool to identify and distinguish at best already defined species ( Dujardin et al., BMC Research Notes 2010, 3:266 ).

Conditions are:

  • Published works
    Only reference images associated to published workswould be accepted in the CLIC database. Thus, reference images must have been used in published (or accepted, or in press) papers, and copyright would be given to authors of the corresponding publication.
  • Environmental data
    Since it is using a phenetic approach to identify or characterize evolutionary units, CLIC will take into account their environment. Therefore, reference images must be not only labeled as species, they should ideally correspond to field insects documented for their geographic origin, their date of capture, and if possible for other parameters defining their habitats.
  • Morality 🙂
    To give the morphometric comparisons the best chances to work properly, sexes should be kept separate.
  • Shape and size
    To accurately recover the true size, each image should contain the size scale and/or related informations about resolution and technical devices used to produce it.
  • Copyright
    The copyright of the images go to the authors of the publication(s).


Another such initiative in medical entomology is the WINGBANK :

(Flávia Virginio, Lincoln Suesdek, Kelly Rosa Braghetto)